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16-/14-Bit DACs

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Data Sheet
The EVAL-AD5545SDZ is used in conjunction with an SDP1Z
system demonstration platform board available from Analog
Devices, which is purchased separately from the evaluation
board. The USB-to-SPI communication to the AD5545 is
completed using this Blackfin®-based demonstration board.
The system demonstration platform (SDP) is a hardware and
software evaluation tool for use in conjunction with product
evaluation boards. The SDP board is based on the Blackfin
ADSP-BF527 processor with USB connectivity to the PC
through a USB 2.0 high speed port. For more information about
this device, see the system demonstration platform web page.
The evaluation board requires ±12 V and +5 V supplies.
The +12 V VDD and −12 V VSS are used to power the output
amplifier, and the +5 V is used to power the DAC (DVDD).
Figure 26. Evaluation Board Software—AD5545 Dual DAC
Figure 25. Evaluation Board Software – Device Selection Window
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Analog Devices

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