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Power Amplifier Module

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UMTS Band1 (1920-1980MHz) 3x3mm Power Amplifier Module
Data Sheet
The ACPM-5201 is a fully matched 10-pin surface mount
module developed for UMTS Band1. This power amplifier
module operates in the 1920-1980MHz bandwidth. The
ACPM-5201 meets stringent UMTS linearity requirements
up to 27.5dBm output power. The 3mmx3mm form factor
package is self contained, incorporating 50ohm input and
output matching networks. The PA also contains internal
DC blocking capacitors for RF input and output ports.
The ACPM-5201 features 5th generation of CoolPAM
(CoolPAM5) circuit technology which supports 3 power
modes – active bypass, mid power and high power modes.
The CoolPAM is stage bypass technology enhancing PAE
(power added efficiency) at low and medium power
range. The active bypass feature is added to CoolPAM5 to
enhance the PAE further at low output range and it enables
the PA to have exceptionally low quiescent current. It
dramatically saves the average power consumption and
accordingly extends the talk time of mobiles and prolongs
a battery life.
A directional coupler is integrated into the module and
both coupling and isolation ports are available exter-
nally, supporting daisy chain. The integrated coupler has
excellent coupler directivity, which minimizes the coupled
output power variation or delivered power variation
caused by the load mismatch from the antenna. The
coupler directivity, or the output power variation into
the mismatched load, is critical to the TRP and SAR per-
formance of the mobile phones in real field operations as
well as compliance tests for the system specifications.
The ACPM-5201 has integrated on-chip Vref and on-module
bias switch as the one of the key features of the CoolPAM-
5, so an external constant voltage source is not required,
eliminating the external LDO regulators and switches
from circuit boards of mobile devices. It also makes the PA
fully digital-controllable by the Ven pin that simply turns
the PA on and off from the digital control logic input from
baseband chipsets. All of the digital control input pins
such as the Ven, Vmode and Vbp are fully CMOS compat-
ible and can operate down to the 1.35V logic. The current
consumption by digital control pins is negligible.
The power amplifier is manufactured on an advanced
InGaP HBT (hetero-junction Bipolar Transistor) MMIC
(microwave monolithic integrated circuit) technology
offering state-of-the-art reliability, temperature stability
and ruggedness.
Thin Package (1.0mm typ)
Excellent Linearity
3-mode power control with Vbp and Vmode
– Bypass / Mid Power Mode / High Power Mode
High Efficiency at max output power
10-pin surface mounting package
Internal 50ohm matching networks for both RF input
and output
Integrated coupler
– Coupler and Isolation ports for daisy chain
Green (Lead-free and RoHS compliant)
UMTS Band1
Ordering Information
Part Number
Number of Devices
178mm (7”)

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