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One of Eight Line Data Selectors/Multiplexers

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June 1989
9312 DM9312 One of Eight Line
Data Selectors Multiplexers
General Description
These data selectors multiplexers contain inverter drivers
to supply full complementary on-chip binary decoded data
The 9312 is a single 8-bit multiplexer with complementary
outputs and a strobe control When the strobe is low the
function is enabled When a high logic level is applied to the
strobe the output is forced to the logic zero state regardless
of the logic level of the data inputs
Y Selects one-of-eight data sources
Y Performs parallel to serial conversion
Y Strobe controlled outputs
Y Complementary outputs
Connection Diagram
Dual-In-Line Package
Function Table
Order Number 9312DMQB 9312FMQB or DM9312N
See NS Package Number J16A N16E or W16A
TL F 6605 – 1
L L L L D0 D0
L L H L D1 D1
L H L L D2 D2
L H H L D3 D3
H L L L D4 D4
H L H L D5 D5
H H L L D6 D6
H H H L D7 D7
H e High Level L e Low Level X e Don’t Care
D0 D1 D7 e The level of the respective D input
C1995 National Semiconductor Corporation TL F 6605
RRD-B30M105 Printed in U S A
National Semiconductor
National Semiconductor

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