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Flash Programmable System Devices with 8032 Microcontroller Core

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Flash Programmable System Devices
with 8032 Microcontroller Core
s The uPSD325X devices combine a Flash PSD
architecture with an 8032 microcontroller core.
The uPSD325X devices of Flash PSDs feature
dual banks of Flash memory, SRAM, general
purpose I/O and programmable logic, supervi-
sory functions and access via USB, I2C, ADC,
DDC and PWM channels, and an on-board
8032 microcontroller core, with two UARTs,
three 16-bit Timer/Counters and two External
Interrupts. As with other Flash PSD families, the
uPSD325X devices are also in-system pro-
grammable (ISP) via a JTAG ISP interface.
s Large 32KByte SRAM with battery back-up
Figure 1. 52-lead, Thin, Quad, Flat Package
TQFP52 (T)
s Dual bank Flash memories
– 128KByte or 256KByte main Flash memory
– 32KByte secondary Flash memory
s Content Security
– Block access to Flash memory
Figure 2. 80-lead, Thin, Quad, Flat Package
s Programmable Decode PLD for flexible address
mapping of all memories within 8032 space.
s High-speed clock standard 8032 core (12-cycle)
s USB Interface (some devices only)
s I2C interface for peripheral connections
s 5 Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) channels
s Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC)
s Standalone Display Data Channel (DDC)
s Six I/O ports with up to 46 I/O pins
s 3000 gate PLD with 16 macrocells
TQFP80 (U)
s Supervisor functions with Watchdog Timer
s In-System Programming (ISP) via JTAG
s Zero-Power Technology
s Single Supply Voltage
– 4.5 to 5.5V
– 3.0 to 3.6V
September 2003
Rev. 1.2

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