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August 2000
3.3V or 5V LVDS Driver/Receiver
General Description
The DS90LV019 is a Driver/Receiver designed specifically
for the high speed low power point-to-point interconnect ap-
plications. The device operates from a single 3.3V or 5.0V
power supply and includes one differential line driver and
one receiver. The DS90LV019 features an independent
driver and receiver with TTL/CMOS compatibility (DIN and
ROUT). The logic interface provides maximum flexibility as 4
separate lines are provided (DIN, DE, RE, and ROUT). The
device also features a flow-through pin out which allows
easy PCB routing for short stubs between its pins and the
connector. The driver has 3.5 mA output loop current.
The driver translates between TTL levels (single-ended) to
Low Voltage Differential Signaling levels. This allows for high
speed operation, while consuming minimal power with re-
duced EMI. In addition, the differential signaling provides
common-mode noise rejection.
The receiver threshold is ±100 mV over a ±1V common-
mode range and translates the low swing differential levels
to standard (TTL/CMOS) levels.
n LVDS Signaling
n 3.3V or 5.0V operation
n Low power CMOS design
n Balanced Output Impedance
n Glitch free power up/down (Driver disabled)
n High Signaling Rate Capacity (above 100 Mbps)
n Ultra Low Power Dissipation
n ±1V Common-Mode Range
n ±100 mV Receiver Sensitivity
n Product offered in SOIC and TSSOP packages
n Flow-Through Pin Out
n Industrial Temperature Range Operation
Connection Diagram
Block Diagram
Order Number DS90LV019TM or DS90LV019TMTC
See NS Package Number M14A or MTC14
TRI-STATE® is a registered trademark of National Semiconductor Corporation.
© 2000 National Semiconductor Corporation DS100053
National Semiconductor
National Semiconductor

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