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Optical Sampling Modules
80C01 80C02 80C07B 80C08C 80C10 80C11 80C12
CSA/TDS8000B Series Sampling Oscilloscope
Optical Modules
The CSA/TDS8000B Series Sampling
Oscilloscopes, when configured with one
or more optical sampling modules, provide
complete optical test solutions for Telecom
(155 Mb/s to 43.018 Gb/s) or Datacom
(Fibre Channel, Gigabit Ethernet, 10GbE
and InfiniBand) applications, as well as
general purpose optical component testing.
Each optical module includes all the elements
necessary for optical testing:
Optical to electrical converter
Average power monitor
One or more reference receiver filters
A full bandwidth optical path
A low-noise electrical sampler
Optional integrated clock recovery (80C12
clock recovery is provided via the 80A05
Clock Recovery Module – sold separately)
Universal optical input connector
80C01 Multi-rate Telecom Sampling
Module – The 80C01 module supports
waveform conformance testing of long-
wavelength (1100 to 1650 nm) signals at
622, 2488 Mb/s and 9.953 Gb/s as well
as general-purpose testing with up to
20 GHz optical bandwidth. With its clock
recovery option, the 80C01 provides
testing solutions for 622 and 2488 Mb/s
telecom applications.
80C02 High-performance Telecom
Sampling Module – The 80C02 module
is optimized for testing of long-wavelength
(1100 to 1650 nm) signals at 9.953 Gb/s
(SONET OC-192/SDH STM-64). With its
high optical bandwidth of 30 GHz (typical),
it is also well-suited for general purpose,
high-performance optical component testing.
The 80C02 can be optionally configured
with clock recovery that supports
9.953 Gb/s telecom standards.
Features & Benefits
10 Gb/s Telecom & Datacom
– 80C08C and 80C12 – Low-
noise, High Optical Sensitivity
and Broad Wavelength
Conformance Testing for
10GbE LAN, WAN, and FEC,
10G Fibre Channel, and
10 Gb/s Telecom Standard
and FEC Rates
– 80C11 30 GHz Optical
Bandwidth Conformance
Testing and Characterization
for 10 Gb/s Telecom and
Datacom Standards and
FEC Rates
– 80C08C and 80C11
Integrated Clock Recovery
Supports All Current 10 Gb/s
Standards or User Defined
Rate from 9.8 to 12.6 Gb/s
– 80C12 Clock Recovery
Available Via 80A05 Clock
Recovery Module
40 Gb/s Telecom
– 80C10 Provides 65 GHz
Optical Bandwidth for Signal
Characterization of 40 Gb/s
RZ or NRZ Data
– 80C10 Provides Reference
Receivers for Conformance
Testing of 39.813 Gb/s
and 43.018 Gb/s
(ITU-T G.709 FEC)
Tributary Telecom & Datacom
– 80C07B and 80C12 Provide
Excellent Optical Sensitivity
and Broad Wavelength
Test Capability
– 80C07B, 80C12, 80C01
Multi-rate Telecom
Conformance Testing
Solutions from 155 Mb/s
(OC-3/STM-4) Through
9.953 Gb/s (OC-192/
STM-64) and Datacom
Conformance Testing
Solutions for Fibre Channel,
Ethernet and InfiniBand
High-speed Optical
Communications Testing
Extinction Ratio and Q-factor
Eye-pattern and Pulse
Shape Analysis
Relaxation Oscillation Testing
Optical Signal Analysis
Conformance Testing
NRZ and RZ Pulse
1 Optical Signal Analysis www.tektronix.com/optical

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