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Intel386™ SXSA
Static Intel386™ CPU Core
— Low Power Consumption
— Operating Power Supply
4.5V to 5.5V - 25 and 33 MHz
4.75V to 5.25V - 40 MHz
— Operating Frequency
SA-40 = 40 MHz
SA-33 = 33 MHz
SA-25 = 25 MHz
Clock Freeze Mode Allows Clock
Stopping at Any Time
Full 32-bit Internal Architecture
— 8-, 16-, 32-bit Data Types
— 8 General Purpose 32-bit Registers
Runs Intel386 Architecture Software in
a Cost-effective, 16-bit Hardware
— Runs Same Applications and
Operating Systems as the Intel386
SX and Intel386 DX Processors
— Object Code Compatible with 8086,
80186, 80286, and Intel386
TTL-Compatible Inputs
High-performance 16-bit Data Bus
— Two-clock Bus Cycles
— Address Pipelining Allows Use of
Slower, Inexpensive Memories
Integrated Memory Management Unit
— Virtual Memory Support
— Optional On-chip Paging
— 4 Levels of Hardware-Enforced
— MMU Fully Compatible with 80286
and Intel386 DX Processors
Virtual 8086 Mode Allows Execution of
8086 Software in a Protected and Paged
Large Uniform Address Space
— 16 Megabyte Physical
— 64 Terabyte Virtual
— 4 Gigabyte Maximum Segment Size
Numerics Support Intel387™ SX and
Intel387™ SL Math Coprocessors
On-chip Debugging Support Including
Breakpoint Registers
Complete System Development
High Speed CHMOS Technology
100-Pin Plastic Quad Flatpack Package
The Intel386™ SXSA embedded microprocessor is a 5-volt, 32-bit, fully static CPU with a 16-bit external data
bus and a 24-bit external address bus. The Intel386 SXSA CPU brings the vast software library of the Intel386
architecture to embedded systems. It provides the performance benefits of 32-bit programming with the cost
msavings associated with 16-bit hardware systems.
.coThe Intel386 SXSA microprocessor is manufactured on Intel’s 0.8-micron CHMOS V process. This process
provides high performance and low power consumption for power-sensitive applications. Figure 3 and Figure 4
uillustrate the flexibility of low power devices with respect to temperature and frequency relationships.
tasheet4Information in this document is provided solely to enable use of Intel products. Intel assumes no liability
awhatsoever, including infringe-ment of any patent or copyright, for sale and use of Intel products except as
.dprovided in Intel’s Terms and Conditions of Sale for such products. Information contained herein supersedes
previously published specifications on these devices from Intel.
www Copyright© INTEL Corporation, 2002
June 2002
Order Number: 272419-004

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